Do Tea Diets Work?

Tea can help you lose weight

Tea can help you lose weight

There is much news and musings going on about diet teas and their ability to help lose weight.  Of course, the most simple and basic question is … Do they work? 

Well, like everything else the answer to that depends a lot on who you ask.  Some shout that is THE best way to lose weight and get fit while other scream that it is a scam and you should run away.  Don’t believe either group.

The fact is that tea diets can work for the majority of individuals.  There are some concerns, but there is also real science backing up the idea of healthy tea drinking being a GOOD decision.

First, the concerns center generally around the caffeine.  This is, no doubt, a valid concern.  Caffeine has been shown to be addictive and detrimental to neurological functioning when consumed in large quantities.

But, again, that is when consumed in large quantities, that isn’t the goal or the recommendation here.

What is also true is that many teas have been shown to be an appetite suppressant … meaning you will eat less and lose weight.  Many teas have also been shown to increase metabolism … meaning your body will naturally burn more calories and you will lose weight!

So on the whole, we feel comfortable recommending tea diets as a good option for losing weight.  They taste good, they’re healthy and they can help you lose weight.

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